My 2016 Unemployment Diaries Recap – Day 9 to Day 11. More to follow

Please note, this is a reposting of some previous entries made in 2016 when my position was eliminated and I found myself unexpectedly unemployed. This is being reposted here simply for the purpose of preservation as I am not maintaining the old site much. In any case, enjoy if you feel like reading it:

Day 9 of unemployment – (Recap) – Crack-aland

Day 9 of unemployment – (Recap) – This is really getting silly now. I was in a suit again, this time at 6:20 in the morning. I was getting ready to head for an interview again, only my truck would not start. Great. I took Jen’s car instead. Why was I leaving at 6:20? Well, Google was kind enough to estimate my travel time between 40 minutes and 1 hour and 40 minutes to the interview in Tampa. That’s a bit of a difference.

Well, I got there in about an hour, leaving me a while to sit around, so I decided to find a nice Starbucks or something to hang out at. Well, turns out this is not a “Starbucky” neighborhood. It was however more of a street crack peddling, daytime hooker sort of neighborhood. Even the church I found had an 8 foot wrought iron fence surrounding it. It was 7am and the locals I saw were wandering around like the zombies from Walking Dead, only hung over. I ended up retreating to the IKEA about 10 minutes away, where I parked in the middle of the lot with plenty of open space around me. First rule of crack-zombie-meth-head-survival is to allow plenty of room to escape before being car jacked.

After hanging out there for a little while, I went to the office where I was interviewing. That went pretty well and I got to meet some pretty cool folks during the interview. From there, I made the trek back to my home area where I met up with some of my friends from church for lunch. We ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings. We must have been a bit of a sight walking in there. We had a mix of hipsters, farm boys and even a guy in skinny jeans, with me in a suit.

After lunch I went home to return Jen’s car, got some tools, jump started the truck and headed to Costco to replace my batteries. I guess I didn’t realized that my batteries had been going bad for a while. Now that I have the new batteries in, it cranks over like a caffeinated squirrel now. Awesome!

I spent the rest of the night at church doing rehearsals for the weekend service, getting home at around 9pm. 6am to 9pm made for a really long day. Hence the lack of updates yesterday.

On a plus note, I’m excited about the interview and opportunity. Wish me luck!

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