American Senior Communities Falls For A W2 Scam. 17,000 Employees Affected

The scam happened in mid-January, but they didn’t realize it until employees started having trouble filing returns in mid-February. This is the third Central Indiana employer in less than a month to fall for W2 scams. Monarch Beverage Co. and Scotty’s Brewhouse also fell for it, with the employee at Monarch having done the same thing last year.

Really Monarch? Twice by the same employee?

Sometimes I just want to shake people until they get it and put training and procedures in place to stop this sort of thing. It’s really not that hard or expensive to implement.

W2 scams are no joke and really mess with the employees. Please be careful when handling this sort of info.





Names, SSNs and W-2s of current and former employees of Lexington Medical Center lost in data breach

The names, SSNs, and W-2s of current and former employees at Lexington Medical Center are the latest victims of a data breach. They say no patient information was lost and it appears the attack was on the orgs Peoplesoft database.

This comes on the heals of a Lexington Co. School District suffering a breach in January where, once again, W2’s were lost.