My 2016 Unemployment Diaries Recap – Day 6 to Day 8. More to follow

Please note, this is a reposting of some previous entries made in 2016 when my position was eliminated and I found myself unexpectedly unemployed. This is being reposted here simply for the purpose of preservation as I am not maintaining the old site much. In any case, enjoy if you feel like reading it:

January 11 at 9:32am – Day 6 of unemployment

Today will be a busy one. My 8:30 webex interview started, but he had to go to a meeting, so we are going to regroup again at 11:00. I am meeting another recruiter at 3:00 for coffee and to go over my resume and discuss what she has available. I also need to pick up my stuff from the old office in there some time.

On a plus note, I just dropped my youngest off at the park from where she walks to school. I was wearing grey pinstriped suit pants, slip on shoes, a white undershirt and a black Rockstar energy drink hoodie. I think I just got some street cred from some of the moms there. I was totally rocking the “whatever was laying around” attire. If I had enough hair to put in a messy ponytail, I would already be in the club. There is always tomorrow.

Sadly though, nap time is ruined! Being unemployed suddenly feels like a lot of work. Sheesh.

January 12 – Day 7 of unemployment

Day 7 of unemployment – Once again I was denied sleeping in. I had scheduled a doctors appointment at 8:20am. What was I thinking scheduling at that time? I thought I would have more rest than this without a job.

I have however become one of the pack. Not the pack of neighbors, but the pack of animals in the house. It all started with us spending time together this morning all barking at the rather started and confused looking mailman. Then we spent some time chasing each other around the house barking. The cat was not amused. Both of the dogs are just resting peacefully on my feet and sharing space. I am the Alpha in this pack now, and I’m so happy I feel like dragging my butt across the carpet in joy!

I did have a 3rd interview at 12:30 that I think went really well. I am assuming no more than 17 interviews left to go, and I’ll know more about getting the job.

I have been pretty nervous about this and not sleeping well because of it. I found myself feeling anxious about the interview, so I started watching Making a Murderer, which has been recommended by a few friends. I’m on episode 2 now and I’m hooked.

Speaking of hooked, still no fishing has transpired and my loving wife told me last night, that it’s just too cold for her to want to fish. Who is this woman, and what have they done with my wife? I will get some fishing in if it kills me.

I will update as it happens.

Day 8 of unemployment – The Lawn Crews Cometh!

Day 8 of unemployment – Well, today it happened as I had been told it would. Laurel Ludwig, you were right, the lawn crews came today. The came like horticultural ninja’s on zero-turn mowers. It was like a botanical ballet with weed-eaters, edgers and power blowers performing a dance to rival Broadway shows. It was fascinating to watch, and ended as quickly as it started.
Once ended, I peered out over my lawn and realized that those little buggers had now made my lawn look like a war-torn battlefield in comparison. Dang it, now something had to be done about that.
I proceeded to break out the lawn implements and attacked my Jumanji-like landscape. While taking on the front yard, I found that someone let what appears to be a medium sized pony use my yard as a restroom. It was HUGE! I am not a fan of poop. I have a very week stomach and tend to do the whole “ech, ech, ack” thing as I try not to recycle my previous meal. I’m a real tough guy with the dry heaves and a plastic bag trying to sack up this unsightly fecal phenomenon.
After that, I hit the back yard. Here, I was surprised to see that a 100% increase in dog butts appears to have created a 500% increase in poop. I did learn something new today… If you raise the wheels high enough, the mower will just clear the poop, leaving it exposed for your kids to pick up when they return home from school. They are less thrilled about this revelation than I am, but it worked great for me :D.
Tomorrow I am supposed to have an interview at 8:30am. Wish me luck!

Erich Kron is the Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, and has over 20 years’ experience in the medical, aerospace manufacturing and defense fields. He is the former security manager for the US Army 2nd Regional Cyber Center-Western Hemisphere.

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